Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Into the world of blog .... I am still not entirely comfortable with what Lawson so well described as this benevolent act of narcisism. I'm not convinced that my life or anyone elses, is interesting enough to share every day ....but some days ... yeah some days you smell the rain , breath in the sunshine and feel the Oran Mor - The rhythm of Life - and you have something to say. Or you have a need to write and there is a hope that out there somewhere what you write will resonate with another human being. Or it coluld be that you are a bad writer and the only way to become a good writer is to start bad , write lots, and hopefully maybe one day we will run faster , try harder ........ but no we beat on boats against the current , born back ceaselessly into the past.

more later my children - blessings and salutations

father M


Trevor said...

If nothing else it'll help close some of the gaps of geographical distance. Welcome to the blog train...wooo woooo!!

mister tumnus said...

yay for gatsby. yay for mark.

you're already a good writer so sharrup about that.

i like blogging because apart from anything it's a great way to share music or literature or pics that you've found interesting.

and everyone's life is generally that interesting. especially yours ya big tart.

we appreciate the step you are taking chum. let it out and let it in!

carey said...


Congratulations on your new blog, look forward to keeping up with what's going on with you.

It'll help fill the Mark-shaped hole in moot!

Feminine Feminist said...

Gosh darn it, I knew you would. Now McCleary wisdom/innuendo (for they are inextricably intertwined) can be shared worldwide. Peace, love and understanding shared from the comfort of Holywood.

love Willow (aka Party Animal)

The Father said...

Willow in this as in all things you are the inspiration