Friday, November 24, 2006


This guy has been blowing my mind with a theology which seems to articulate a lot of what i've been feeling for a long time without properly being able to express it .

check out this on the atonement

and may it rock your world[view]


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The Harbour of Ourselves said...

bloody hell father, you are not kidding!

'Imagine what it is like to be approached by your forgiving victim. What a pity none of us like very much to think about our being approached by our forgiving victim! What is it like to actually undergo being forgiven? We are not going to resolve this by saying, “Oh, it's not being forgiven that matters. It's forgiving: I must forgive!” So we work ourselves up into a moral stupor about straining ourselves to “forgive the bastard!” It's very, very complicated. But in fact the Christian understanding is quite the reverse: it's because we are undergoing being forgiven that we can forgive; and we need to forgive in order to continue undergoing being forgiven. But remember: it's because we are approached by our victim, that we start to be undone. Or in Paul's language: “even though you were dead in your sins he has made you alive together in Christ.” Someone was approaching you even when you didn't realize there was a problem, so that you begin to discover, “Oh! So that's what I've been involved in.”

salutations - and see you tonight at the inter-faith - will mull over this over a pint or two of the black stuff this afternoon...