Thursday, February 15, 2007

Authentic Mission

Its sexy and a little bit exciting to protest against the Iraq war , Its quite cool to have a red Amex card - me and Bono both. Its good to drink fair trade coffee/chocolate/wine and to lobby parliament to change our unjust trade laws. But its not that hard . I know because I've done/am doing all those things and its good but lets face it - it doesnt cost us that much.

I'm wondering if the real work is done in small local projects where people give literally years of their lives. Its not glamourous and theres little glory but to me it feels like thats where its at. How we can dare to change the world if we cant start on our own doorstep. I had lunch today in the cafe of east Belfast Mission and Glenn gave me an overview of the work they are doing and the incredible vision behind the Skainos project. Click on the link above and check it out. If you have any spare cash or time consider giving to them. Its right up there with Mornington in terms of an authentic community project that is Grace in action.

I've been campaigning for fair trade and debt relief etc for years and will continue to do so but I've done little real work on my own doorstep. Over the last little while everything I've been learning seems to point to that - the only faith I have left is a simple credo - Love God and Love your neighbour. Some of my neighbours are just down the road and I gotta learn how to love them.



Awareness said...

we so often forget the ones close by........ in our own neighbourhoods. thanks for the reminder....

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

indeed there lies that harsh bit of life where the rubber hits the road....

.....wish i, well, i wish i was a better man - my love always dear man

commonprayers said...

Very cool stuff - EBM needed a facelift and this vision certainly does that.

Maybe you could encourage them to build green buildings that are LEED certified - that would certainly complete the circle.

mister tumnus said...

i'm with you there. but don't forget that bringing the news to us, the otherwise lowly news-deprived is an important thing that not all citizens can access. we're lucky, but if people like you weren't doing your thang we wouldn't even know about iraq or exploited farmers.

and as for neighbourliness, i have always appreciated your hospitality and your eforts to stay in touch. you are better at this than most. looking forward to seeing you soon, CS.

The Father said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone ... mr chambers i'm with you in wishing to be a better man. Mr henderson nice to see you back in the blogosphere - I was at St Georges Market this morning with Tim , Julie and Emma and then Shirley , Ian and Anna and thought it would have been wonderful if by some futuristic transporter mechanism you guys could have joined us to complete the circle of friendship. m

thenderson said...

I love you all! We love you all! Let's get that transporter built!!

Anna said...

What a wonderful post.

My husband just returned from India and he is just now starting to process his 19 day journey and the things that he has seen. I prayed and prayed that his heart, mind and eyes would be protected by all things seen, heard and felt.

There is so many wonderful things happening there. The Lord is working and IS reclaiming His people and His Kingdom.

I love that you wrote about this. I love that you pointed out the basic truth that we need to love Christ has continually loved each of us, wherever that is...wherever you are planted.

Thanks so much for your words here.