Friday, June 01, 2007

Free at Last Free Free Free

This is my first day of Unemployment. As of Midnight I'm no longer employed by a large media corporation. It was a pretty good ten year relationship we had - with the ups and downs of any relationship. Perks were some good travel , getting into places I never could as a member of the public , meeting Prime Ministers , Presidents and Royalty and a few great sport freebies. There was also danger , riots , wars etc and seeing the best and worst that humanity has to offer. All in all its been a great ride ...met some amazing people , had fun but there comes a time when you need to move on for the good of your soul. And so we have agreed to go our own ways and hopefully still be friends at the end of it.

And so I am a free man - no regrets though a strange feeling that I'm losing part of what has been my identity for almost a third of my life.

On the train into Philly and discussing with Lee - what should my answer be now when folks that I meet at a party or whatever ask that perennial question - So what do you do ?

Answers on a postcard please ..... best answer will be used for the summer.

Blessings of the unemployed upon you.



mister tumnus said...

i think the best thing to do when someone asks you 'so, what do you do' is just to give them a straight answer; 'i used to be a media tart but i ditched that for international tarting fame'. that oughta do it.

wanna come into school sometime between september and christmas and talk to Alevel media students about work as a journalist?

The Father said...

I would love to but am planning a world tarting tour during those months - unless we could do by video link up from my beach hut in thailand . m

Mog said...

How about "I refine smartass comments and deliver them flawlessly at moments when they're likely to strike home. Honestly, it's quite fatiguing".
I think that'd shut anybody up.

The Father said...

Padraig has the prize so far

mister tumnus said...

oh that's fine. you can come over to school in january! :)

hey, i'm liking your new blogging-more persona! yo!

weareherself said...

What do you do?

"What do you want me to do? And more importantly can you afford it?"

I think that might make for a lively conversation - especially if a large redneck guy in a NAshville bar ever asks you what you do.

weareherself said...

by the way the last comment was from trevor - seems this computer is logged in as another blogger.. teehee

Feminine Feminist said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your freedom... I've been dissing the fundies to Mr. Nolan in your absence in an attempt to succeed you as Media Tart. When people ask what you do(in your best po-mo voice)say 'I'm on a search of inner healing in order to find my inner 'I'' By the time you've finished the sentence they'll be edging away mumbling something about looking for the bathroom.

The Father said...

yes i doubt if anyone could afford my skills but there you are ....a couple of good answers .... i shall meditate on them and my inner me will decide which ones to deploy in polite conversation here in Hicksville , west virginia .... is that banjo music I hear ....ahhhhhhhh