Friday, July 06, 2007

Sweet Sweet Endorphins

After spending so long looking after cyclists in the last month I decided it was time to find out what all the hype was about. So I borrowed a friends bike and had a glorious cycle along the coast from Sanctus Boscus. Only ten miles in total but it was a splendid windswept seascape that made me smile just looking at. There was rain, there was wind in my face , there were breaks in the cloud and patches of sunlight racing over the water changing the colour from blue to green…..and very few people around. Just me and the dogwalkers, god bless them. But its one of those things – you know exercise is good , you know its good to get out into the sacrament of creation and yet when you finally get round to it – you are still surprised. CS Lewis said people do not need to be taught so much as reminded. And as usual he’s right.


mister tumnus said...

argh! i guess this means i have to start running again!!

i love my bike too. we are really lucky to live here with loads of history lying around and the sea and the hills, romain' in the gloamin' and bonnie morag etc.

just don't get too thin. ok?

The Father said...

last time i was thin I was 10 years old

mister tumnus said...

i have never been thin but i began to get properly fat around that age too.

but sure who cares, we're all gorgeous 30somethings now anyway! (just go easy with the exercise n give me a chance to catch up, ok?!)

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

all this talk of running and riding is making me tired....time for a beer me thinks

ohchicken said...

i hear you. i adore my bike, and cycling around town :)