Sunday, December 23, 2007

Leaping back from the mockingbird

I'm back from the mockingbird and simply wanted to say - Have a blessed Christmas wherever and whoever you celebrate it with. Heres a little seasonal Buechner.

Pax Christi Tecum


So hallowed and Gracious is the time - these lines from the first scene of Hamlet in a sense say it all. Marcellus is walking on the cold battlements of Elsinore speaking to his companions of the time of Jesus Birth - its a hallowed time he says - a holy time - a time in which life grows still like the surface of a river so that we can look down into it and see glimmering in its depths something precious , timeless , other. And also a gracious time - a time we cannot bring about it is a time that comes upon us as grace - as a free and unbidden gift from God as we celebrate his presence amongst us. At Christmas time it is hard for even the unbeliever not to believe in something. Peace on earth , goodwill to men ; a dream of innocence that is good to hold onto even if it is only a dream ; the mystery of being a child ; the possibility of hope.


Stephanie said...

I was looking for the quote from Buechner and found your site. I've had the quote posted on my fridge for a few years and had taken it off to show someone and lost it. Although my younger son is a writer, I've never done anything like this. But it was important enough for me to find and so, important enough to say, Thank you. S.

The Father said...

my pleasure .... and of course all the credit to Mr Buechner whom I hope is having a blessed christmas himself. m

Jude said...

I'm looking forward to the church of your house in a matter of hours. Yours is a fireside that is all about Thin Places, and our is a group of friends that is all about sanctuary within laughter within community.

Let us, then, talk.