Sunday, May 11, 2008

Messy Life Poetry

A poem for friends on both sides of the vast Atlantic who are hurting, in the midst of this mad , wonderful, painful messy thing we call life.


Love and gratitude trump grief.

Life is not always easy

It hums along, sweet and low-key

And then the tsunami – real or imagined,

Wipes our smug snugness away

Devastated by loss, we weep,

We gnash teeth, we grieve, we're angry

At God, at life, at lack of control.

We regain calm, then lose it, lose it, lose it.

Slowly, slowly, normalcy returns,

Creeping back in like the daily tide.

The dawning of another day,

Bereft of the old,but blessed with the new,

First shows itself in the smiling eyes

Of dear friends, still here, still offering love.

Life, after all, is worthwhile

And love and gratitude trump grief

-Tina Tessina


Anonymous said...

I love the line, 'Life is not always easy
It hums along, sweet and low-key'.

No matter how bad things seem we somehow manage to come through the other-side.

BTW Hello from the North :)

Anonymous said...

opps..excuse the typo..LOL

[^Italian_Angel^] said...

The title fits perfectly..
Messy Life, isn't it what we all go trough?

"And then the tsunami – real or imagined,.."

I love that line, I always say that sometimes our biggest problems are the ones we imagine o create by ourselves.
Of course real problems exist, but depending on how you choose to face them, they become more or less important..

From Argentina, just a blog-to-blog visitor..

Mojo said...

Hi there friend!
Although things are still pretty hectic - both at home and work - it's nice to know that Tues evenings bring an oasis in a mad week! I can't promise to have many original thoughts to share tomorrow evening but I know I'll come away refreshed!

See you over the wine bottles....


The Father said...

Hi to Branwen and Italian Angel. Thanks for stumbling through my little piece of blog world. Some pretty good poetry on your sites too.

And MO - always good to hear from you- see you at the Team Fury Table tomorrow night.


Tina B. Tessina "Dr. Romance" said...

Thanks for reprinting my poem, "Redemption" Here's another about life being messy:

I'll link back to this page from my "Dr. Romance" Blog at

I love Branwen's comment.

The Father said...

Hi Tina, Its the first time I have had the writer of a poem drop by. Thanks and keep writing.


Angela Hart said...

that is cool. why do i feel slightly jealous that she stopped by your sight and not mine? ;) i'm so very unredeemed!! it's a great poem though, eh? glad you and your readers enjoyed!! i too enjoy your blog.

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

appreciated you beautiful man....