Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Because the sacred is Everywhere

"If a boy comes into a room, with a packet of twenty cigarettes - and if there are nineteen other people in the room - and if he gives each one a cigarette, and takes the last cigarette for himself - then, I believe, the empty cigarette packet is a sacred object, a kind of sacramental, containing the life of God, as a water-pipe contains water. I would not be surprised if it became radioactive, and shone in the dark, on account of its connection with the Love of the Many." James K Baxter

My good friend Mr Riddell introduced me to the work of New Zealand poet, minor saint and controversial visonary James K Baxter a few years back with his play Jerusalem Jerusalem. I love this Baxter quote and my day today was made sacred by having lunch with a few friends , praying quietly in an old monastic site and then sharing the tuesday table of love , food and conversation which is Team Fury.

Nothing spectacular but in its way sacramental and filled with the love of many.

Keep shining in the everyday.


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Brian Heasley said...

Thats a great image, the sacramental cigarette. Thank you.