Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Show me the Money

Yes its a blatant bit of fundraising but its the first I've ever done on this site and wont be repeated. I'm leaving my job this week and therefore have a bit of time on my hands. The first thing I'm doing with that time is heading on a fundraising trip to america for East Belfast Mission. I shall be looking after 10 nutters who are cycling up to 1000 miles in ten days.

Why ? Well because its an amazing project we all belive in - working in a very disadvantaged interface area of Belfast with kids , elderly , homeless and the unemployed. I blogged about it in february so scroll down and have a read .....

But in the meantime if you have a few quid to spare click on the link above or below and spread the love .

blessings in advance


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The Harbour of Ourselves said...

nutters they are, but blessed ones....