Saturday, January 05, 2008

In Memoriam John O'Donohue

There is a place we have heard of , thought about and maybe even dreamed of. In a way we all journey towards it every day. Yesterday a beautiful irish writer journeyed there ahead of us, and we who are left behind are the poorer for it.

Rest in Peace John.

Go maire na mairbh agus a mbriongloidi
I bhfoscadh chaoin dilis na Trinoide

(May the departed and their dreams ever dwell
In the kind and faithful shelter of The Trinity.)


Rainbow dreams said...

A man whose writing I have only recently discovered...and am still in the middle of.
His writing is indeed beautiful,

my condolences...

rhino said...

He was so amazing!We met in Tuebingen 22 years ago... and I wish I had gone to Oregon last fall to see him again.

"The dead are not far away. They are very, very near us." Anam Cara

May his soul be blessed, he gave so much, I am so grateful that I knew him!